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       We are a church family committed to letting the light of Christ shine into the      darkness of our world. Focused on Christ, His Life, death, and resurrection        with the Bible as our foundation, we invite you to browse our website and          check us out. More than that, however, come join us in the adventure of a life    time as we shine the light of God's love on all people.

  • Pastor's Message

    Welcome to St. John’s Lutheran Church. We are a helpful, caring, spiritual family. People are unique, unrepeatable miracles of God in need of forgiveness of sins. Jesus died for our sins and now empowers us as his forgiven people to live extraordinary lives.

    At St. John's Lutheran Church we invite you to be touched, inspired and empowered with passion by the power of God working through Word and Sacrament at a Church that welcomes you and your family. 

    - Dr. Bryan R. Salminen


      Small groups foster that growth through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, mutual support and service projects. 

      Small groups are made up of usually 8 - 10 members that will meet about every two weeks for a year. Each group is led by a trained leader. 

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